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F R O M   O U R   T E A C H E R S

Mr. Brock here. I teach English 9, AP LANG, and this year I’ll be teaching a brand new course called Shakespeare in Performance–an acting-based theatre course centered around the Bard. Hey, he lived in plague times too! When I’m not hanging out with my wife and baby boy I’m working on my fantasy novel or music for my indie rock band. Looking forward to making the best out of this year! Let’s do this.


This summer my parents drove cross country in a RV to visit my family of four. We took socially distanced beach trips in the RV every weekend. At home I’ve been perfecting how to make rosemary lemonade from my garden and learning how to tame my wild lantana flowers. I also started the Flux Teacher Institute to work with teachers in the U.S. and Mexico on Zoom each day to get ready for this school year. I finally posted all your sketchnoting from last year – check it out at @welcomebrilliantminds I cannot wait to see you back in classes!

— Ms. K-C

My name is Nick Kapp (here is my better half Christina:) and it is one of the joys of my life to teach at Marshall! Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening of one of the most complex and vocabulary rich languages of the world is our focus and SAS students are some of the most dedicated, hard working, and scholarly students around. It is a true gift to be able to work with you and I look forward to meeting you all!

–Mr. Kapp

I’d like to welcome the new students to John Marshall High School and also the returning students for the 2020-2021 School year. My name is Ms. Avakian and I have been working as a Math Teacher here at JMHS for 23 years. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and life experiences with my students. I am firm believer in education and as a teacher I always try my best to help my students understand and excel at Math. I hope that all my students will be motivated to try their best and gain as much knowledge as possible in these unusual circumstances. 

–Ms. Avakian

Hello and Welcome SAS students!  My name is Ms. O’Neill and I teach 9th grade English, 12 grade Expository Composition and AP English Literature.  This summer I went backpacking in Ventura County’s Sespe wilderness, as well as practiced the guitar as much as possible.  Our family also adopted a beautiful green-cheeked conure and we spent some time tending our vegetable garden.  I look forward to meeting our new SAS 9th  graders and say hello to our returning students.  We have a great year ahead despite these challenging times.  I am excited for our learning adventure to begin! 

— Ms. O’Neill

Hello! I am Ms. Mkrtchyan, the Honors Biology and Honors Physiology Teacher here at Marshall High School. I am a proud alumni of JMHS and have been teaching for almost 20 years. There are many exciting projects and activities that I can’t wait to introduce to our students. Parents, get ready to see your children baking bread and making yogurt as they study the cellular respiration, and later blending strawberries to extract DNA from the cell:) I am very excited to introduce and deliver all areas of my knowledge and expertise to enrich our students’ knowledge and skills in information delivery, communication, creative and critical thinking, team playing, active contributions to their community and many more..

–.Ms. Mkrtchyan,


Ms. Bryan, JMHS College Counselor, will use CAMPUS STEPS as the main form of communication with seniors. Sign up for CAMPUS STEPS today to get all the latest scholarship information from the Tricia Bryan, JMHS College Counselor. On the CampusSteps website, you can create your college list, receive reminders about deadlines for SAT/ACT, college applications, etc) and receive the latest announcements regarding college visits, field trips, etc.