Hello, Ohana!

We know everyone is leading busy lives.  We get it.  But we want to let you know of the many ways you can participate without imposing too much on your time.

The Giving Campaign:  Please give as generously as you can afford.  This is our most efficient, cash-drive fund raising that goes directly to the SAS program, teachers, and students.  We try to fund teacher-requested items so that, as generous as they are, they don’t have to dig into their own pockets to provide classroom materials.  Look for the letter in your mail in the middle of September.

FMSAS General Meetings:  ONE time a month for ONE hour (or longer, as needed).  The board works very hard behind the scenes to organize these meetings to bring you and your family information.  Please show your interest and appreciation by attending at least two meetings per year.  We do get audited by LAUSD when we are up for renewal of our Exemplary Status, and one of the things they look at is PARENT PARTICIPATION.  It’s not a throw-away phrase.  Please attend a meeting and be sure to sign in.

CONNECTIONS:  If you, your family or friends have a business or restaurant connections that would be willing to donate items or money to our nonprofit corporation, let us know.  We can generate a donation letter with our Tax ID number.  We co-host the Annual Teachers’ Holiday Breakfast in December.  We host the SAS Awards Ceremony in the spring.  PAZZO GELATO is one of our most loyal sponsors.  They donate their product and packaging for free, and we reap 100% profit!  If anyone has food donations, please let us know.

RAFFLE, ANYONE?:   Do you have gift cards that you don’t know what to do with?  Give them to FMSAS, and we’ll use them as raffle items.  Last year, parents donated iTunes and Starbucks gift cards that we used as raffle prizes for our See’s Candies FUNdraiser.  That’s easy to do!

TIME:  The most precious commodity.  But if you’d like to volunteer at an event, please email us at friendsofmarshallsas@gmail.com and let us know your availability.  We just had a Pazzo Gelato FUNdraiser, and sometimes we could use an extra hand.  If you’ve been to the SAS Awards Ceremony and want to help with the food, etc., let us know.


Parents – Here is another opportunity for you to provide input to the process of running John Marshall HS.

On September 18th elections will be held for the following committees:

School Site Council – SSC,
English Learner Advisory Committee – ELAC
Shared Decision-Making – SDM

If you are interested, ask in the Main Office for more details.

Hello from your new Executive Board.

Campus clubs information.

Monthly Parents Meeting

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