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Dear Friends of Marshall SAS Community:

As we embark on a new school year in these uncertain times, I want to welcome everyone, especially those SAS Freshmen and their parents who will be joining us for the first time online! Thank you for choosing SAS! We believe this is a great program, and, even with the school year beginning online, your students will have a wonderful experience with our great group of SAS teachers. Your FMSAS Board is here to answer your questions and provide you with information to help you navigate the beginning of this “online” 2020-2021 school year. A lot of our normal FMSAS activities will be suspended for the time being. Normally we would begin holding our monthly in-person parent meetings, and kick off the new year with our annual fund drive, followed by a See’s Candy fundraiser around the holidays. But in recognition of the online nature of our world right now, we have brought renewed focus to updating our FMSAS website to help you stay informed and connected, including providing contact information for our SAS teachers, coordinators, and advisors. In addition to our website, we also can be reached at our FMSAS email address: Please make sure you sign up by giving us your email information so you can receive our periodic FMSAS eblasts. Please also know that there is a student-run SAS Leadership Club, and your SAS student may periodically receive information from SAS Leadership as well.

Even while some of our activities are on hold, rest assured that we are — and will be — continuing to work behind the scenes to make sure our teachers are supported and our program remains strong. Vital to this effort is information from you, the parents, to let us know how things are going, what you like, and what you think could be improved. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions, ideas, and expertise. We pass information along to the administration, and follow through on those suggestions for the betterment of the program. Finally, we encourage you to get involved in projects about which you feel passionate. SAS parents have been instrumental in helping out the newly formed Marshall Booster Club (which covers all the programs at Marshall), participating in different councils at the school (including School Site Council), and promoting individual projects that expand, support, and strengthen academics, sports, music and extracurriculars at Marshall generally. This synergy between all SAS parents and the school benefits not only the SAS program, but Marshall schoolwide. And that’s what “community” — especially the Marshall community — is all about.


Kim Meyer, FMSAS Board President

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